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Wheel Alignment And The Scope Of Tracking The Wheels Of A Vehicle.

The process of car maintenance using the specification set by the manufacturer that involves the setting of wheel angles is known as wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment adjustments enables the reduction of tire wear and also ensures that a car travels in a straight way which is true. For a vehicle to move without pulling on one side wheel alignment is necessary. breaking or tracking are other names for wheel tracking.

This alignment angles can also be altered and set in a way which is not according to the specifications of the manufactures.This type of setting enables one to set a specific handling characteristics. The vehicles which are normally used for sporting activities can be set in angles which are not normal this so as to suit the various reasons.
Modern vehicles are equipped with a driver assistance system that includes electronic stability system, the antilock system. lane departure warning, traction control and the adaptive cruise control are the other types of ADAS.

This greatly helps in the proper management and the movement of a vehicles. This makes the aligning of a vehicle simpler. A driver assistance system also makes the a vehicle to move in a proper way thus reducing the risk o an accident.

For proper wheel alignment there are various types that include primary and secondary.This type of adjustments include the camber, caster and the toe. In different models of cars not all adjustments can be conducted. Front and the rear are the ways in which the three types of adjustments can be further adjusted.

Secondary angles are several. frame angle, set back, track width difference, wheel base difference are the different types of secondary vehicle alignment.The steering Axis Inclination, Toe out on turns, maximum turns, rear ride height, the front ride height.

The difference between the right side and the left side and the wheel base length is referred to as the Setback. In measuring the set back an angle may be used. Setback which is below the manufactured set standards tolerance does not affect car handling this is because when the car is turning one of the wheels ahead of the other by few centimeters thus the setback can be said to be negligible.

Some model of vehicles have different factory setting which for right to left side of the wheel base length which is because of the various reasons of the design. When there is a difference between the right and the left cater or when a collision occurs an off spec occurs. During the wheel alignment there is a specific camera which is normally used.

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