Common Roof Leak Causes


No one wants water to drip from their ceilings or leave a stain on their house. To help you understand the potential problems with your roof, we have compiled a list containing 4 common causes of roof leaks.

The Age of Your Roof

Although it might seem simple, your roof will eventually wear down just like any other thing. Your roof can be damaged by environmental factors over its lifetime, which could lead to leakage in your home. Many factors can affect your roof, including rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. An asphalt shingle roof is the most popular residential roofing system. If it’s older than 20 years, it may be time to look into your options for a replacement roof.

Improper Flashing

Flashing is the process of sealing any roof protrusions, such as chimneys, vents, or skylights. These need flashing to be watertight to your roof’s surface to protect them from moisture. The flashing may lose its seal over time due to changing seasons and water entering your home. The leak can often be stopped by re-flashing the affected areas.

Damaged/Loose Shingles

Your roof is protected by your shingles. Any damage to your shingles could lead to water getting through. Your roof can become exposed due to cracking, loosening, or curling over time. New shingles are usually installed within the area of the leak with minimal expense to the homeowner.

It’s Not Your Roof!

Leakage in your ceilings and attic could be caused by a roof leak. However, other reasons may include clogged gutters, plumbing issues, condensation, or mortar between the bricks of the chimney. All of these can cause water damage.

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