Chamberlain Remotes: Handy Specs And Programming Info

Chamberlain remotes by Sears Company are often found in the top 10 garage accessories. Read on to learn more about them, see hardware specs and get helpful programming steps for first-time users.
More about these remotes
According to the manufacturer’s site, they last for a long time and work reliably. These remotes can be programed to activate numerous devices, including commercial door openers, garage door openers and gate operators.
Hardware specs, issues to watch for
The specifications on each model will vary from one part to the next. However, some details are fairly similar across the board. For example all residential remotes come in one color (charcoal), and one size (approximately 3 x 2 inches, and weighing in just under 2 ounces). Just like other brands, they are battery operated.
Some problems might occur like the garage door opener not responding to the remote. Unfortunately, there is no way to activate the opener then. For these situations, chamberlain recommends you to install an outside Key Release. This allows manual release from the opener with a key from outside.
Radio frequency interference that comes from something in your home or surroundings can lead to short or no range. Almost anything plugged into an electrical outlet can be responsible for this. This is just an interference problem. The only real problem with the item may be that it broadcasts the interference without any symptoms noted. A test called power down test performed for remote control range and interference issues.
Basic programming
There are a few basic steps to follow for programming. First of all, locate the learn button. Then press it hard and release it to the press and to hold the desired button within the next 30 seconds. Press the remote again when the opener lights blink. The opener activates with this light blink. If not, repeat these steps.
Similarly to program the remote control to a wired-in receiver is easy. Locate the receiver and remove the cover of the receiver (download instructions for better assistance about removing the cover). Uncovering it will give access to the program button. Press that and without holding it, release. Then within the next 30 seconds, press and to hold the desired button on remote. After another 30 seconds, enter the four-digit PIN number on the keyboard. Press and hold enter. A light on the receiver will let you know the programming is done. Just press the remote button to operate the gate. Repeat these steps for each accessory to synch the entire system. The programming was successful if the opener operates. Otherwise, repeat the previous steps.
Features & other stuff you might want to know
Additional features can be added to the remote to bring even more convenience to the user. If the remote is a device with three or more buttons, the user can program it to do more than just opening the garage. For instance, to program the remote to control the opener lights, press and to hold the remote button that you want to control the light. It must be done with the door closed. Then press and hold the light button, while doing this, press and hold the lock button on the door control. After opener lights flash, release all of them. Or in order to program remote using door control, press and hold the button that you want to operate your garage. Press and hold the light button while still holding the remote button until you press the push bar to hold all three buttons. While the motor unit lights blink, release them as it has got the code.
These remotes, like most others come with an owner’s manual. In it, you’ll find much more detailed information and diagrams.

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