What is Roof Decking? Types, When to replace it?

replace roof decking

Your roof is bigger than the shingles you see from the street. It is a combination of roofing materials and various components that come together to protect your home from the elements. While all materials are important to your roof, a roofing sheet is one of the most important. It really is the foundation of your entire roof system.

So, anyone who intends to replace roof decking (or even repair a roof) must know the importance of a roof.

We want to help every homeowner understand not only what part of their roof but also how much they paid when they received a replacement. So, we will detail what you need to know about the roof.

What is Roof Decking?

The roof decking (or shingles) are the wooden planks that make up the roof truss. These slabs are where the shingles and other roofing elements are attached.

There are 2 types of wooden roofs: plank decking and sheet decking.

Plank Decking

Plank decking was the main panel type used before plywood was designed. This type of platform consists of oval and rectangular wooden planks which are available in 2 different sizes, 1×6 or 1×8. While unusual, you will still find the type of deck used on roofs today.

Sheet Decking

The sheet deck (or sheathing) as it sounds, is a smooth sheet of wood. There are 2 types of decks: plywood and OSB.

OSB (oriented fiberboard) is the most common type of deck used in roofing today. It consists of wood chips/strips compressed to create a 7/16” flat plate.

Plywood comes in different thicknesses (⅜”, ½”, ⅝”, and ¾”) depending on the width of the rafters. Although OSB is a common material, plywood is still widely used in homes today. Both types of chairs are a great choice, but the one you get depends on your budget and access to wood.

When should Roof Decking be replaced?

When you get the ceiling replaced, you may need to replace your decking. If the integrity of any of your roof decking is compromised or there are signs of rot, the wood will need to be replaced.

There are usually some tablets that need to be replaced. But your roofing contractor won’t know how many of your roofing sheets need to be replaced until they’re done tearing up your old roof.

If they find rotten slabs, your roofing contractor will need to replace the deck before they can begin installing the roof components. However, if your contractor feels the integrity of your deck perfectly, he or she could take care of a new asphalt roof.

How much does Roof Decking cost?

The cost of a roof is difficult to determine due to fluctuations in wood prices, there will be a price for wood through the roof, which will add a lot to your roof investment if it needs to be replaced.

After the work and materials are built, plank bridges typically cost about three times more per square foot than bridges. So if you have a plank and need a lot of replacements, it’s cheaper to use existing factory tires with 7/16 “or 3/8” CDX OSB plywood.

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