The Home Edit Now Has a Line at The Container Store


Reprinted from The Home Edit/Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

You can’t scroll through Instagram without catching a glimpse of The Home Edit’s handiwork. You know those gorgeous color-coordinated refrigerators, pantries, and kitchen drawers? Yep, that’s all Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. Together, this dream team has turned the homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest names — Khloe Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emma Roberts, to name a few — into major #HouseGoals, many of which you can see on their new Netflix show, Get Organized with The Home Edit.

Their philosophy is simple: Every product, especially the organizers you add to your space, should provide form and function. “A worthy organizing product fits your needs, lifestyle, and items — and most importantly, is efficient,” they tell Good Housekeeping.

More than a year ago, Clea and Joanna launched their very first product line, which is available exclusively at The Container Store. Priced from just $6, the products are curated and inspired by The Home Edit’s many years of experience working in their clients’ homes, creating affordable solutions for every home out there. That means, you can replicate what you see on Get Organized in your own home without hiring a professional to do the work for you.

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All-Purpose Large Drawer

The Home Edit



Medium Pantry Canister

The Home Edit



Closet Clear Labels

The Home Edit



Shelf Divider

The Home Edit


No matter how much time we spend folding, our stacks of towels still find a way to topple over. This shelf divider hooks on and instantly vanishes, while keeping your linens intact. 


Rainbow Small Bin Organizers

The Home Edit


The Home Edit has a knack for infusing color into the most well-kept spaces, and these colorful bins are an easy place to start. Give each type of pantry item, toy, or bathroom product a color for foolproof organization. 


Clear Bin Clip Set of 3

The Home Edit


If you aren’t on Clea and Joanna’s level, then acrylic bins may not be the best option for you. Instead, stick your kid’s toys, books, or, well, junk in bins to conceal clutter and then label with these customizable clips. 


Medium Bin Organizer

The Home Edit


Clea and Joanna made sure these organizers fit perfectly within the line’s drawers, so no precious space is wasted.


Two-Tier Lazy Susan

The Home Edit


You can use this taller, two-tier Lazy Susan for larger spices or to display skincare products in the bathroom. 


Three-Tier Shelf

The Home Edit


Rule of thumb: When you don’t see it, you don’t use it. This three-tier shelf can hold bigger cans, making them easier to reach when cooking.


The Home Edit S-Hook

The Home Edit


Handbags can be clunky to hang, but these S-Hooks turn at a slight angle, which lets you store as many as you want! 


Divided Lazy Susan

The Home Edit



All-Purpose Bin

The Home Edit


You can use this clear bin to keep snacks, clothes, crafts — practically anything that tends to look messy and cluttered — neat. 


The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals

Your kitchen is just the beginning: Make your home just as Insta-worthy as your favorite celebrities’ by following The Home Edit’s signature approach to decluttering. Then tune in to Get Organized to see their work in action. 

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