Rekha's Backyard And Kitchen

Copper accents within the appliances, utensils and finishes complement the colour scheme. For more ideas, take a look at our galleries of kitchen worktops and kitchen cupboards. The marble wall tiles in decorator Irene Gunter’s kitchen have been laid in a herringbone sample to match the parquet ground.

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Once adequate roots are established, plant the celery bottom in a 1¾ pint pot using a moistened potting mixture. The backside of the celery stalks ought to be just below the soil surface. Place the pot in a sunny window, maintain well-watered but not sitting in water.

All Our Kitchen Gardens Come With Our Four Key Structures:

Each plant is a small machine that uses its fruits and leaves to transform photo voltaic energy into meals for people. Note which wall or room receives the lightest and how it modifications from daybreak tonight. The location of your kitchen backyard does not have to be within the kitchen. Try salad leaves such as child leaf spinach and ‘Saladini’ in shallow trays,’ when you have a tiny house and want to start container gardening.

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