Choosing the Perfect Area Rug for the Room

Today’s selection of area rugs is vast. There are carpets in all sizes and all shapes: rectangular, round, square, etc. For you to see what will fit best in your home, you have to do your homework extensively. To help you out a little, know that round rugs give rhythm and can brighten up an entrance or hallway. In a bedroom, opt for a long rectangular rug to put at the foot of the bed. In the living room, you can just about afford to go with a rug as big as you want!
Just know that if you put a rug under a table or sofa, we recommend that it protrudes about 60 cm on both sides of the table. So take the dimensions of your furniture and add 120 cm long and wide (120 cm in diameter if your table is round). For carpets in places of passage, be sure to take the dimensions (open and closed) to avoid unpleasant surprises.
In reference to side color, everything is permitted. However, make sure to follow some common sense rules:
– choose a dark color if your carpet is in a place of passage
– choose a light color in a small room, it enlarges the space
– prefer cool colors for office and warm colors for living rooms
There are two types of carpet: those made of natural fibers and those made of synthetic fibers. Woven carpets with natural materials (wool, silk, bamboo, coconut… ) offer interesting qualities. Wool and silk carpet are particularly a strong example. Take into consideration that these are great if you have a large family or if the carpet will be placed in a transit area. Synthetic fibers are used in the manufacturing of carpets and are generally polypropylene, polyester or polyamide. Their main advantage is their low prices.
The quality of a carpet also depends on its method of manufacturing. Manufacturing methods are ancestral knotting and weaving. For simplicity purposes, weight and denstiy will end up guaranteeing the quality of a carpet. The higher the weight and density of the hair, the more resistant the carpet will be to the ravages of time.
Basic cleaning of a carpet means suctioning regularly to remove dust and maintaining the color. Colored carpet gets dirtier faster, so you may want to consider dry cleaning the fabrics. You can also buy an absorbent powder to apply on the carpet, followed by brushing and vacuuming.

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