Paddywax’s “La Playa” Candles Turn into Margarita Glasses


With a literal pandemic happening, I’ve been constantly lighting candles to feel more relaxed—and occasionally unwinding with a cocktail at night. Sue me! But if you’ve been in the same boat these past couple of months, then you’ll appreciate Paddywax’s “La Playa” collection because it combines candles and alcohol (well, kind of). There are five different scents to choose from, each in their own gorgeous hand-blown vessel that turns into a margarita glass after the candle is finished. It’s sheer GENIUS. (Although you’ll have to make the drink yourself, of course.)

Each candle is $27, but you’re also getting a chic cup out of it, so it’s kind of a deal, tbh. They also have different colors around the rim that are indicative of the scents (e.g., the green has notes of gardenia, pear, and apple blossom), but they also come in handy for keeping track of everyone’s drink if you’re using them for a summer get together—while following the proper safety protocols, please! And because the candles are handmade, they all have unique shapes and bubbles.

Paddywax is known for its other dual-purpose candles too. The “Form” and “Parks” collections can be reused as planters for succulents and other greenery, the “Relish” collection is made with mason jars that you can use later for kitchen organization, the “Wabi Sabi” collection can be used as rice bowls, and the vessels in the newest “Kin” collection are dishwasher- and microwave-safe for tea or sake.

Need a reminder about how to clean out and reuse a candle jar? When the wax is almost out you can place the jar in the freezer for a couple hours to harden and it should pop out of the container, or you can place the candle in hot water to loosen the wax and scrape out the remains with a butter knife. With this in mind, Happy Friday and hope you (safely!) enjoy your margs this summer.

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