Edward Paul Patella Examines Historical Home Rehabs – How To Find Vintage Materials

Renovating a historic home can be an exciting process, and it’s one that Edward Paul Patella has enjoyed heavily over the years. However, this process requires an understanding of available material options, including why vintage materials are so important when restoring these older buildings. Thankfully, he can share many tips with people looking to improve these historic homes.

Where Edward Paul Patella Finds His Historical Renovation Materials

Historical renovation has become a big business in recent years, with people like Edward Paul Patella and others getting great joy out of bringing old buildings back to a safe status and making a decent profit along the way. But why is it so important to find these vintage materials in the first place? Wouldn’t it be better to install modern materials or any that look similar to these older items?

This mistake is one that many make early when getting into historical renovation. Vintage materials are so important because people buying historical homes or converting them into museums, bed and breakfast destinations, and other spots want authenticity over anything. Unfortunately, modern and more efficient bricks on a house from 1856 will stand out and decrease the value of these historical homes.

Edward Paul Patella

Thankfully, Edward Paul Patella has found many sources for vintage materials over the years. These firms specialize in providing old and truly vintage materials that look similar to those items used in historical homes but are the same materials in many cases. These stores are popping up all around the nation, which should make finding them a little easier for many.

The first step here is to see what you can find online first, as many shops have nationwide offerings or ship to many areas and provide authentic items for homes. For example, Antique Appliance in Clayton, Georgia, will restore antique appliances using authentic materials and make them look as good as new. When adding any antique furniture to your historical home, shops like this are critical.

You can also check out other online shops, like Architectural Mall, Inc, as these companies have various materials that are perfect for vintage restoration. These include different composite materials that help restore a home’s structure in subtle ways. However, you can even look outside these specialty shops and find some surprising options in areas you wouldn’t expect.

For example, Edward Paul Patella says that going to places like Habitat for Humanity restores is often a great idea when looking for vintage material from more recent years. These thrift shops often have old doors, wood, bricks, shingles, and other building materials that you can use when restoring historic homes. These shops may even deliver some materials to you and cut back on your renovation costs.

If you still aren’t sure what kind of vintage items you need, you can talk to builders in your area and see where they buy their materials. Edward Paul Patella considers this step wise because these professionals can help you find excellent materials and suggest renovations. Some might even renovate for you and cut back on your personal time and energy expenditure.

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