Jarrett June, Stony Point, NY carpenter, discusses top investments for woodworking hobbyists

Carpenter Jarrett June of Stony Point NY says there are a few essential hand tools all beginning woodworkers need in their shop.

STONY POINT, NEW YORK, December 22, 2021 — Starting out in woodworking can seem intimidating due to the variety of tools available. To minimize the stress of beginning, Jarrett June, a Stony Point, NY carpenter and woodworking enthusiast, recommends an assortment of basic hand tools to build on as interest evolves.

For some beginners, the particulars of a first project or specific interest path may lead to an additional investment or two, but these are core pieces for any shop.

Jarrett June’s Stony Point, NY shop contains these basics


A quality workbench is an investment, so for a beginner less serious about the hobby, a do-it-yourself model can be the way to go. However, the dedicated enthusiast should look for a hardwood workbench decked out with vices, capable of being leveled, tool storage, easy access from all angles and a big work surface according to Jarrett June of Stony Point, NY. This not only helps with logistics but also provides a firm foundation for projects.


Chisels are essential for precise woodworking. For the beginner, a set …

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