Can I Use Drano For My Pipes If I Have A Septic Tank?

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Septic tank owners will often pause before pouring anything down their pipes that aren’t water or waste.

Although they might not look like that, septic tanks are fragile balances of bacteria. If something goes down the drain that’s not supposed to, it can easily cause a disruption in that balance.

Don’t fret, though. This article will answer the question: Can I use Drano? You can use any cleaning fluid to clean your septic system.

Let’s talk science, first things first

Do you remember the old saying that teaches a man how to fish? This principle is applicable here. It’s not helpful to say “Yes, Drano can be put in your septic tank,” but “No, absolutely don’t,” as you won’t understand why we are saying what we are saying. Before we answer “Can I use Drano?” let’s first look at the basics of a septic system.

What is a septic system?

Your septic tank is responsible for removing waste from the environment by using healthy bacteria in the leach field. This sterilizes the wastewater and then releases the water into the Earth via the soil.

Your leach field is basically a collection of pipes that contain pre-cultured healthy bacteria. This bacteria is responsible for breaking down waste in a positive, productive way.

You’ll hear people often preach about certain things you should never pour down your drain.

  • Oils, oils, and grease
  • Toilet paper (flushable and non-flushable).
  • Diapers
  • Dental Floss
  • Cigarette Butts
  • Medications
  • Condoms
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Coffee grounds
  • Cat Litter

This is the main point. It doesn’t have to be wastewater.

How does Drano work?

Let’s now talk about the basics of your system and answer the question: Can I use Drano?

Drano, or any drain-cleaning chemical, works on a simple principle: to create a chemical reaction strong (and toxic enough) enough to clear any blockages.

This principle is sound, which is the good news. Drano and other drain cleaners can be used to remove any obstructions in the pipes.

Can I use Drano in my septic system?

The bad news is actually bad news. Drano is not recommended for people with septic systems.

Do you remember those delicate bacteria that work to break down waste? Drano and other chemical drain openers are extremely toxic. They can not only decrease the number of bacteria but can also sterilize it completely. This means that no more waste is being broken down

This can cause a host of problems including blackwater getting into your pipes and your home.

It is not as easy as flushing out bacteria from the drain if your leach field becomes sterile. You will need to contact professionals and in some cases, even have to dig up the entire leach field to replace it.

You may have noticed that this is a very high out-of-pocket expense.

What can I do instead?

The solution to your problem is simple if you are able to identify the source of the blockage. Use a drain cleaner to remove hair. You can also use grease to clean the pipe. You get the idea.

We recommend calling a professional septic technician to diagnose and fix the problem. This will not only save your system from further damage but also ensure that you aren’t at risk of getting sick or injuring yourself by touching something you shouldn’t have.

Septic technicians are trained to handle any situation. Greenbar Excavation  have been serving homeowners for over a decade. As you can see, we are experts in a few things.

If you are experiencing a blockage, or only see this article after you used Drano then we recommend that you call us to schedule one of our complimentary consultations. This will allow you to relax and let the experts do the hard work.

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