Before You Build Your New Home: 5 Preparation Steps

Constructing a new home begins long before the actual building process is put into effect. If you establish a solid plan first and choose an honest, professional builder, the construction process will be efficient and fun. Start with the following five crucial procedures to avoid costly blunders during the construction process. As you turn your dream of designing your home into reality, be sure to ask questions and discuss your progress with others who have gone through the same experience.


Planning your budget

Get a realistic estimate of your budget and how much a new home will cost. Most banks and other financial organisations are ready to prequalify you for a construction loan, estimating how much money you might spend. At the same time, this early stage entails determining the costs of various aspects of your new home, such as the land, the architect or designer, the general contractor who will oversee the project, and the construction itself.

Picking a house plan

Choosing your favourite house type is a good place to start. Get inspiration from the many catalogues available. If necessary, hire a builder or another construction professional—an architect or designer—to assist you in selecting the finest stock plan for your needs.

Custom-designed homes and certified architects enquire about things like “What is the position of the sun? What is the source of the prevailing breezes? How can we cut our heating and cooling expenditures in the long run?”  and more.


Choose the plot before the plan

If you haven’t yet purchased a building lot for your new house, talk to realtors to get an idea of land costs in the locations you’re interested in. Whether you’re building a home in a suburban neighbourhood or on a bluff with panoramic views of the ocean, you’ll nearly always need to choose the property first before choosing floor plans or other specifics.

It is essential to look into soil quality, drainage, zoning, and construction codes in the area. If you don’t plan, your costs will skyrocket. The costs will be greater if you need to adapt your house design to fit the lot. It would benefit your budget if the house could be built on the lot utilising stock drawings.

Gather your team

Once you’ve decided on a building site, budget and home design, you can start putting together a team of specialists to design and build your home. A builder, an excavator, a surveyor, and, if necessary, a home designer or architect are all key actors. Choosing a builder is usually the first step for most homeowners.

While most homeowners employ a general contractor/builder to oversee most or all of the construction, a homeowner who wishes to be more involved in the process can do so as well.

To act as their own General Commander.

Negotiate a contract 

Obtain written, signed contracts from all building professionals involved in the construction of your home. A contract with the general contractor/builder and the home designer or architect, if they are involved, is required at the very least.

A contract for new home construction will include a detailed description of the project and a list of all the elements that will be included in the house. Before the contract is prepared, make sure to flesh out the specifications as part of the negotiation and double-check that everything is listed explicitly. If you or your company needs to change the contract, remember to do so later.

This is a time-consuming and intricate process that should begin many months before the building begins. Brick&Bolt offers top quality construction work, satisfying all kinds of needs for your ideal dream house.

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