What Are The Main Varieties of Outdoor Water Features?

Becoming more and more sought after, outdoor water features offer peace and tranquility with the soothing sound of water trickling down like a babbling brook in the courtyard or back patio area. Extending the living space to the outdoors brings a sense of peace to the whole family. With many varieties available in hardware and gardening supply stores, outdoor water feature kits, coloured lighting, a cascade water feature and rock gardens and pools can become part of the home quite easily.
Some of the more popular water features are the bubbling rock, the water fountain or cascade waterfall, the retaining wall waterfall and the garden pond waterfall. Add lights, greenery, a comfortable bench and fireplace and every day will feel like a vacation. Get away from the stress of everyday living with an outdoor feature in the backyard. It’s not as difficult as one may think to add a waterfall or pond to the backyard area with the many varieties of kits available in hardware stores and even specialty shops.
The bubbling rock feature can become the main feature in the backyard. It includes a faux rock instead of real rock. The faux rock sets on a basin with a pump installed underneath it. The water enters through a pump and recirculates, bubbling down through the opening in the rock. This feature can be solar, electric or battery operated.
The cascade feature is popular because there are many so many styles available. Statues, bird baths, tiered cascade waterfalls, with or without solar panels, are enjoyable and draw wildlife to the area. Adding floral arrangements and greenery, this area will bring out the designer in you.
Build a retaining wall where water cascades down into a pond with the use of a pump and lighting and enjoy the magical look of a waterfall that captures the eye. Bright vivid colours shimmer off of the water making it very beautiful at night. Kits are available to build this type of outdoor water feature or you can build it yourself.
Many people have spoken about the benefits of water and how it produces calming effects on the mind. By building or purchasing a cascading water feature, you can bring the pleasing sounds of running water into your home. Living in a city can often limit your experience of natural landscapes but with your imagination, you can bring a little bit of nature closer to home.

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