Outdoor lights bring house to life at night

August 19, 2020

This isn’t a post about how to install landscape lighting (click for that tutorial). It’s just me enjoying our front-of-house lighting so much that I took a few pics of it again last weekend. Sometimes it’s the basic stuff that makes you happy.

Looking along the dry creek, you see two uplights glowing up a container plant and an ornamental tree along the house, plus one downlight casting a spotlight on a piece of garden art by the fence.

I like how the uplights cast shadows on the brick wall of the house. Here a potted squid agave and seedhead-esque garden art get the uplight treatment.

Another uplight turns a toothless sotol (Dasylirion longissimum) in a steel-pipe planter into a shimmering fiber optic light. Lighting gives you an entirely new way to enjoy your garden.

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