Diptyque Candles Are $11 at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Gigantic beauty sales can be overwhelming, I get it. That’s why I’m here to tell you about the one absolute, best, can’t-miss deal from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale: $11 Diptyque candles. Considering a single Diptyque candle will cost you $36, that’s a steal.

The bargain comes in the form of a set of five travel-sized priced at $55. It’s a $75 value and includes all of Diptyque’s greatest hits, so you can try them all and then decide which bigger candle(s) you’ll want to expand your home fragrance library.

Set of 5 Travel Size Limited Edition Scented Candles

These are the five scents:

Baies (Berries): A fruity scent made up of blackcurrant leaves and a bouquet of roses. It’s so popular it often sells out on Diptyque’s site.

Feu de Bois (Wood Fire): A cozy, homey smell that evokes a crackling fire

Figuier (Fig Tree): A warm, fresh aroma made up of fig leaves, bark, and milky sap

Mimosa: A dreamy wanderlust-inducing floral that smells like the French Riviera, lined with mimosa flowers

Roses: A classic, timeless scent that is even better than an actual of bouquet of roses because it’ll last you longer.

Doesn’t that all sound

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How to Care for Christmas Cactus Indoors

Christina SchmidhoferGetty Images

Christmas cacti bloom just in time for the holidays (hence their name), and they’re pretty stunning too. The hanging branches, which are made up of flat, glossy green segments, can grow to up to 3 feet long. Flowers in red, white, yellow, pink, or purple appear at the tips of these branches and measure up to 3 inches long with several tiers of petals. Each bloom lasts for several days, and the entire flowering period of most cultivars will span several weeks. But in order to keep these plants looking beautiful, you need to follow all the steps involved with proper Christmas cactus care.

There are certain factors that can help — or hinder — your Christmas cactus’s potential. For example, this Brazilian coastal plant (which is also known as Schlumbergera) favors more humid conditions than desert-dwelling species do. Plus, it needs extended periods of darkness before it can begin flowering.

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So, with that said, here’s how to

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78 DIY Christmas Crafts 2020

Danielle Daly

These days, it’s easy to find just about any type of Christmas decoration at your local retailer, but it’s so much more fun to inject your personality and design style into your home. One of the best ways to do this is with DIY Christmas crafts. You can create your own front door wreath to make a good first impression, arrange gift-toppers for your presents, or even assemble your own ornaments to enhance your tree. The options are endless if you’re just ready to be inspired—and put your hot glue gun to work.

And because DIY means affordable, many of the Christmas crafts we suggest make use of common household items you already own. Everything from fabric scraps to basic cardboard boxes can become statement pieces of holiday decor. Get inspired by this roundup of creative DIY Christmas craft projects, ranging from a striking garland card holder to a playful fabric wreath.

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Ice Skates Wreath

Ditch the traditional wreath for one featuring fur-lined ice skates filled with greenery. Dress them up with pom-poms and silver ornaments to make even more of an impact.

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Christmas Light Napkin Rings


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8 Small-Scale, Big Impact Home Products

There are endless home products on the market that claim to make living easier, cleaner or healthier. Wading through the noise to find something that really works can require rounds of research, and it’s even harder to find those items in sizes that don’t take up valuable space. And whether you live in a multi-story house or a small city apartment, who doesn’t want to be able to tuck a powerful vacuum into your smallest closet or not have a thermostat stick out amongst art on a wall?

Thankfully the Good Housekeeping Institute’s reviews can save you some searching. The Institute rigorously tests to expert standards, and these eight home products all fit the bill of small-but-mighty.

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Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum



A 3-in-1 master of a vacuum, the Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum combines nimble flexibility with powerful cleaning. The vacuum’s clever design allows you to move the power unit from the bottom of the machine to the top, so you can comfortably clean flooring and reach crown molding—and it converts into a handheld device for quick pick-ups. You get up to 60 minutes of cleaning per charge from the 

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10 Homeschool Organization Ideas – Best Homeschool Organization for Small Spaces

Cirque du Sewell / A Hughes Fitspo

Teaching your kids — let alone trying to keep them happy, healthy, and entertained during a health crisis — is hard enough. Trying to teach them in the same space your family uses to play, work, gather, and unwind may feel next to impossible. But due to the ongoing health crisis, many families across the country are trying to make it work: Some are forming homeschooling pods, others are going solo, and many are still undecided about which route they should take. Since home schooling for the next academic year (or at least, part of it) is the new reality, make it more manageable for you and your kids with these homeschool organization ideas. Take it from parents who’ve done it themselves to find the best ways to create class schedules, keep your kid’s workspace clutter-free, and organize assignments.

Creating a healthy learning environment for your kids doesn’t mean that you’ll have to live with books, supplies, and papers scattered all over your house for the next year, though. Avoid the clutter (and chaos) by putting these space-saving hacks to work before the school year starts.

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How an Expert Crafter Organizes Her Crafting Supplies

Making a mess is part of the crafting process. But once the glue, glitter, and paint transforms into a beautiful end product, it’s best to make your creative space as neat and tidy as possible. That way, you have a blank slate for your next craft project.

In the video above, watch an expert crafter turn her cluttered crafting corner into a more efficient work space. Good Housekeeping‘s Senior Video Producer Tessa Donolli describes herself as “a big maker of things,” which means she has supplies specific to painting, embroidery, drawing, and just about anything else.

To make her space more efficient and visually appealing, Tessa started by tackling one trouble area at a time and finding the best organization method for each. For example, she hung acrylic paints on a wire rack with color-coded clothespins. She painted each clothespin with the corresponding acrylic paint color to help her quickly eye the perfect shade.

She followed similar organization methods for her other supplies: Everything was categorized by color and labeled accordingly. Aside from her most-used acrylic paints, she stored everything else in clear bins — some with pre-made dividers, others with DIY dividers made out of leftover

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