15 Best Accent Wall Ideas

Jessica Klewicki Glynn

Sometimes, painting your space in one color or outfitting an entire room with wallpaper just doesn’t get the job done. If you’re currently struggling with this design dilemma, an accent wall may suit your aesthetic. It’s a brilliant trick top designers swear by to bring more character into a space without it being too overwhelming.

Curious about how to pick the best spot for your accent wall? Simply pinpoint where your eyes land when you first enter a room. It’s a great option for home offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and just about any space that is lacking visual interest. Click through for 15 creative accent wall ideas to inspire your own home upgrade.

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Cork Wall

If you like the look of collages and need ample space to keep your to-do list on full display in your home office, deck out a wall in cork square panels. It’s the perfect blend of style and function.

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Bright Florals

If there’s one room that can benefit from a dose of drama, it’s the bathroom. A wallpaper boasting bold blooms is a no-fail option for a quick refresh.

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November 2020 Home Item Recommendations From Monique Valeris

As the year winds down, you might be busy with work commitments, family obligations, and holiday preparations (whatever they may look like for you this year). The last thing you might want to do is take on a major home upgrade. So it’s really a perfect time to consider small updates — those thoughtfully designed accessories — that can make your house really feel like a home. That’s what I kept in the back of my mind as I curated this list of my favorite home products. Beyond being examples of great design, they’ll boost your home’s cozy factor in an instant.


Detours Greeting Card



There’s something special about getting a handwritten note in the mail, and these graphic cards would put a smile on anyone’s face. 


Paper Paper Bin

Who said that your trash bin couldn’t be pretty? Hay certainly knows that it can be a focal point, and this two-tone, sculptural design that’s made from recycled paper is proof.


Farmhouse Wreath

WildRidge Design


You might have already decked out your interior for the holiday season, but don’t overlook your front door. Make a good impression with this leafy green wreath

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