Twilight in the garden as wicked cold arrives

February 11, 2021

As I look out the window, it’s hard to believe this beautiful, warm twilight by the pool was just two evenings ago. Today a cold rain is freezing to tree limbs and encasing ready-for-spring plants in heavy ice. Shrubs are bent low. Bamboo is nearly prostrate. As I stood on my patio a little while ago, I heard a splintering crack and watched over the fence as one of my neighbor’s big live oaks smashed through their back fence into the greenbelt, a victim of the ice.

I’m worried about our trees and agaves and all the young plants I’ve been planting over the past few months. (Winter is normally a great time to plant here.) Austin weather forecasts are showing insane overnight temperatures of 15F and 7F. Seven degrees! What hardiness zone even is that? It’s certainly not central Texas’s zone 8b. I’ve heard we’ll have 4 days starting Sunday where we won’t even climb above freezing. I’ve also heard this will be the coldest weather Austin has seen in 30 years.

I know many of you reading this are worried about your gardens too, as extreme cold affects much of the U.S. this week and

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How to Clean Flat TV Screen

To catch every second of your favorite show, you’ll need a television screen that’s dust-, dirt-, and fingerprint-free. But using the wrong cleaning method can negate any warranty that may still be in effect. That’s why the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Cleaning and Media and Tech Labs have joined forces to recommend the safest, most effective methods and products to clean your television screen and reveal a picture that’s brilliant to watch, and scrub down all the accessories that go along with it.

No matter what type of television you have, you’ll need a dry microfiber cloth that’s designed to clean and remove smudges from eyeglasses, cell phones and camera lenses. We like the oversized one from Toddy Gear. It’s nine inches square so it’s easier to use on a large screen than a smaller cloth.

How to clean flat plasma, LED, LCD, and OLED TVs

More delicate LCD, plasma or rear-projection screens can’t handle traditional wet cleaning. To keep that flat screen good as new without damaging it, here’s what to do.

•What you’ll need:
Microfiber cloth or electrostatic duster, pre-moistened wipe

•How to clean:
Dust the TV with a soft, dry microfiber cloth or with an

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Interior Designer Alberthe Buabeng Explains Why Now’s the Time for a More Inclusive Industry

Alberthe Buabeng, known by most as Albie, is a Washington-based interior design content creator and all-around idea machine. Her passion for decoding spaces is the culmination of nearly a decade of working in the retail visual merchandising and marketing industries, sprinkled with a lifetime of experiences. With a background of space design and storytelling, paired with her real-life lessons, Albie creates content to connect her decor-obsessed audience with beautiful and functional design inspiration.

Her desire to contribute to the design community has also manifested in adapting the #SharetheMicNow Instagram initiative for the home industry; self publishing Curate The Home You’re In, an anecdotal and aspirational home book, and hosting The Design Influence, a podcast and community dedicated to supporting other interior designers in the digital space.

In 2020, the home industry, like much of the world, was shaken by the death of George Floyd. As discussions arose on the topic of inequality, diversity and inclusion within the design business, it felt like more of the same conversations, followed by little to no action. By the time the “black boxes” that were intended to symbolize a need for change emerged on Instagram, there were all kinds of panels and

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