How to Get Rid of Mold

Finding those black spots of mold in your shower or basement can be alarming. Luckily, a small amount generally won’t make you sick but knowing how to get rid of mold and prevent it can keep it from becoming a bigger issue.

You’ll want to tackle the mold while it’s a small area because if left untouched it can spread to a larger area. “It can ruin household valuables and even trigger an allergic reaction,” says Carolyn Forte, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab.

Keeping the rooms in your house, like the bathroom, dry and cool can help prevent mold from growing, but despite your best efforts, mold can still grow in unwanted places. If you find yourself with a mold situation, here’s everything you need to know.

First, can I remove mold myself?

You can, but mold spores can travel in the air when cleaning, so you’ll want to limit your exposure by wearing protective gear. Wear long rubber gloves to protect your hands and forearms. It’s also best to wear eye protection, like goggles, to prevent bleach or other cleaners from splashing in your eyes, especially when removing mold from ceilings or overhead areas.

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Fearless Gardening book launch and GIVEAWAY

January 08, 2021

Midwinter is a great time to take stock of your garden and mull over what you want it to be, how you want it to evolve, and — let’s be honest — how you want it to freaking WOW you every time you step into it. Maybe right now you’re poring through seed catalogs and making lists of must-have plants. Maybe you’re sketching ideas for a new patio garden, a welcoming entry garden, or a pollinator or food garden. Ah, the possibilities! Whatever you’re planning, I encourage you to be FEARLESS about it. Don’t fret about what the neighbors will think or whether you know enough to do it. Just start gardening!

The dedication in Fearless Gardening

This is the empowering message of my friend Loree Bohl’s brand-new book, Fearless Gardening: Be Bold, Break the Rules, Grow What You Love (Timber Press, 2021). You likely already know Loree thanks to her terrifically inspiring blog Danger Garden. Maybe you’ve seen my write-ups about her lushly spiky, jewel box of a garden in Portland, Oregon. She also has a popular Instagram page. Well, now she has a book, and it’s just the thing to get

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