Hide out at Fortlandia at the Wildflower Center

November 21, 2020

Bring your child — or just your inner child — and explore the collection of architectural play forts at Fortlandia. This hands-on exhibit at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center occurs every fall through winter, with local architects, designers, and artists creating one-of-a-kind forts that are spaced out along the Arboretum trail.

My kids were already grown when Fortlandia started a few years ago, but I go every year anyway. Who doesn’t love a good fort? And you’re never too big to play, as my daughter and our Italian exchange student proved last year.

This year, because of Covid, hand sanitizer stations are located near each fort, and you must have a reservation for a particular day and time, which allows the center to keep a handle on how many people are in the garden at any one time.

Here’s a look at all 9 forts plus a few other spots along the trail.

A-Frame by Pollen Architecture & Design

A-Frame creates a dizzying, pop-art effect, depending on your viewing angle. Brown slats faced with blue paint…

…make the fort appear to change color as you move around it.


Community Garden by Letterpress

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November 2020 Home Item Recommendations From Monique Valeris

As the year winds down, you might be busy with work commitments, family obligations, and holiday preparations (whatever they may look like for you this year). The last thing you might want to do is take on a major home upgrade. So it’s really a perfect time to consider small updates — those thoughtfully designed accessories — that can make your house really feel like a home. That’s what I kept in the back of my mind as I curated this list of my favorite home products. Beyond being examples of great design, they’ll boost your home’s cozy factor in an instant.


Detours Greeting Card



There’s something special about getting a handwritten note in the mail, and these graphic cards would put a smile on anyone’s face. 


Paper Paper Bin

Who said that your trash bin couldn’t be pretty? Hay certainly knows that it can be a focal point, and this two-tone, sculptural design that’s made from recycled paper is proof.


Farmhouse Wreath

WildRidge Design


You might have already decked out your interior for the holiday season, but don’t overlook your front door. Make a good impression with this leafy green wreath

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The Secret To Busting Any Holiday Stain

Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover and Color Booster

The after-hours of a holiday dinner — even an intimate one — often conjures the image of a home ransacked: Crumbs everywhere, stray linens, piled dishes, gaggles of dirty glasses. And usually, there are stains: often on the table, sometimes in the folds of clothes, and even in “how did that get there?” spots.

You’ve probably got all sorts of strategies to make clean-up quick and easy — but stains can be troublemakers. The secret to busting them? Clorox 2® for Colors Stain Remover & Color Brightener to the rescue! Watch the video above to see how it works to keep fabrics fresh all holiday season (and year!).

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