Fall flowers, foliage, and change-ups

November 11, 2020

Ah fall, how I love you. Even though our fall weather is comparable to summer in northerly regions (low to mid-80s F), and colorful foliage rarely occurs, it’s still my favorite season. After all, autumn is our second spring here in Texas, and fall perennials like Philippine violet (Barleria cristata) are putting on a show.

Forsythia sage (Salvia madrensis) is too, with its buttery spires and cat’s-tongue leaves.

It just keeps going!

‘Magic Carpet’ knotweed (Polygonum capitatum ‘Magic Carpet’) has also burst into bloom with pink and ivory flowers like mouse-sized pom-poms. Some of its chevron-adorned leaves have even turned bright red, although I didn’t manage to capture any in this photo.

And hey, look! A surprising amount of fall color has appeared on the ‘Purple Pillar’ rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus ‘Purple Pillar’).

Fall is also prime time for redesigning and moving plants around. Like I need an excuse! I’ve been tinkering with this space at the foot of the deck since July, when I pulled out overgrown bamboo muhly grasses that had smothered everything else.

First I planted a trio of ‘Icecap’ roses (a nod to my former sunny

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7 Unexpected Places Germs Congregate

3M TB Quat Disinfectant Ready to Use Cleaner

Ready for a truth bomb? Even if you’re working hard to keep your home clean and free from illness-causing bacteria and viruses, there are very likely some important areas you are missing. (Yes, even if you’re diligent about killing germs on high-touch surfaces, such as computers, phones, counters, doorknobs, and faucet levers.)

Don’t worry: We’re not suggesting you have to hit every item or risk getting sick — we’re simply saying that tackling these hotspots with a little soap and water or a quality disinfectant, like 3M’s TB Quat Disinfectant Ready-to-Use Cleaner, will ensure you’re truly bringing your anti-bacterial A-game.

Ready to get to work? Here are some of the most commonly overlooked household items, along with tips on how to banish as many germs as possible.

Light switches

light switches

Beecher LaFrance

Chances are you already know that germs are present on your doorknobs, faucets, and appliance handles. But did you ever stop to think that your light switches are just as prone to them? You — and everyone else with whom you share your house — touch these spots multiple times a day, which means you’ll want to regularly clean them

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