Amazon Is Having an Insane Sale on Plants For Prime Day

If you ask us, plant parenthood isn’t a fleeting trend; it’s a lifestyle. In addition to decreasing stress, improving your sleep cycle, and purifying the air, adding some leafy greens to your decor will make your house (or rental apartment) feel more like a home.

As bonafide plant people, we are always eager to add a new green friend to our growing collection. That’s exactly why we are so excited about all the plants on sale for Amazon Prime Day. For a limited time, Amazon is slashing the prices of some of its most popular plants: Costa Farms’ best-selling indoor plants are up to 20% off right now. Whether you’re partial to a hard-to-kill snake plant or want to take your collection to new heights with a palm tree, there’s an affordable plant for every personality.

Plants are actually pretty expensive, especially when you consider how much you’ll spend on a stylish planter. Luckily, most of the greens on sale

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How to Clean The Hardest to Reach Spots in Your Home

Whether you like to tidy on a daily basis or do a once-a-week deep scrub, keeping the house clean almost always includes some head-scratching moments. Trying to dust a sky-high bookshelf without toppling it, or reaching behind the toilet without touching it, can often feel like your own little version of household Jenga.

Stocking a few specialty tools (and regular household go-tos) will make tackling those hard-to-reach spots so much easier: An easy-to-maneuver vacuum, a swivel mop, and a microfiber feather duster are just a few to have in the closet.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most typical housecleaning conundrums you’re likely to encounter—and solutions that’ll make checking them off your to-do list a breeze.

Crown molding

crown molding

Beecher LaFrance

Crown molding—a decorative finishing detail most often seen wrapping around ceilings—can be beautiful, whether it’s rendered in a clean line or features more detailed motifs.

Cleaning it, on the other hand, can be a hassle, especially when it comes to high, hard-to-reach corners. A stick vacuum like the Roborock H6, named one of Good Housekeeping’s best stick vacuums of 2020, was made for jobs like this. It’s only three pounds, so lifting it won’t put too

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