Water, water everywhere in Cat’s wildlife-friendly garden

September 22, 2020

Every time I visit my friend Cat Jones‘s garden, it’s lovelier than the time before. Over the past 4 to 5 years she’s been busily making her Steiner Ranch garden, which overlooks a wildflower meadow and a wooded canyon, into a retreat for her and her family and for the wildlife she encourages. Water features tucked here and there throughout her garden are a key part of her avian welcome mat, and she’s noticed that birds coming in for a drink or a bathe favor different water features — a birdbath, the brown ceramic fountain pictured above, shallow water dishes, a steel bowl with dwarf waterlily, and a stock-tank pond — depending on the species.

Here’s what Cat says: “The blue birdbath is favored by cardinals and eastern phoebes. The fountain by the deck is the finches’ absolute favorite, along with the mockingbirds and summer tanagers. Chickadees, titmice, and cardinals visit the dishes on the north side of the house. Doves visit the tanks, as do springtime flocks of cedar waxwings and robins. They robins and waxwings also like congregating around the base of the fountain.”

It’s interesting to hear how varied are birds’ preferences

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Shop Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER Home Fall Collection for Fall

Drew Barrymore launched a daily talk show last week, but that hasn’t stopped the star from keeping her FLOWER Home collection for Walmart at the top of consumers’ minds. The stylish furniture and home decor line’s fall offerings just dropped on Walmart.com, and as to be expected, every item reflects Barrymore’s vibrant, boho aesthetic. And like previous home releases, she turned to everyday wonders to fuel her creative process. “Inspiration comes from everywhere,” Barrymore said in a press release. “Something that you love in life can become something you love in your home. Curate your love of life and live right in it.”

From colorful botanical prints to eye-catching abstract patterns, the eclectic FLOWER Home collection for the new season includes peel-and-stick wallpaper designs, plus an impressive assortment of seating, tables, lighting, curtains, wall art, ceramics, and much more. And the best part is that Barrymore’s collection won’t blow your budget at all. For instance, you can find a set of rattan storage baskets for $45, a wood console table for $299, a floral apron for $12 — just to name a few great pieces.

Courtesy of FLOWER Home

You might think the reasonable price points mean the star had

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7 Steps To An Organized, Good-Looking Kitchen

Thanks to their role as gathering space and a source of meals, kitchens tend to be the unofficial drop spot for all things life. Think rogue mail, loose keys, discarded backpacks, stacks of schoolwork, you name it.

If all you see when you enter your kitchen are things that shouldn’t really be there, you might begin to wonder if all of those immaculately clean and well-designed versions on your social feeds are simply a figment of imagination. News flash: They aren’t! In fact, it’s totally possible for your space to be just as enviable.

Here are seven ways you can take your space from messy and drab to immaculate and well-styled.

Bust all that clutter

There’s nothing worse than trying to decorate around clutter, says Monique Valeris, senior home editor for Good Housekeeping. First, tackle any excess on the counters as you can, and employ space-saving ways to store the items you use on a regular basis. For instance, a hanging tiered fruit basket gets things up off counters and makes it easy to see exactly what fruit needs to be replenished every week, says Valeris.

You can also utilize the storage space under your sink more efficiently. Hang

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3 Pro Tips for Putting Together the Best Bouquets

Good Housekeeping/Edible Arrangements

The floral arts have been around for ages (just look at some of our archival issues), but for anyone who has exhausted their to-do list of tie-dye DIYs and sourdough starters, the prospect of a putting together a tidy bouquet might actually feel like a fresh idea. Whether it’s a star centerpiece or a small touch of everyday style, a charming set of stems can be a beautiful and easy way to channel your creativity and uplift your spirit.

But as anyone who has tried to assemble a thoughtful flower arrangement will know, not every decision is as easy as it looks. Lucky for you, Good Housekeeping editors have worked with their fair share of florals. So we’ve picked the brains (and even taste buds) of our pros for a set of cross-disciplinary tips to help you tap into your inner florist. Read on for the easiest ways to make your next bouquet an arrangement that will inspire you in every way.

Set the tone with color

The star of every bouquet is color and it should be one of the most important considerations of the arrangement you choose. “Most pros suggest sticking to flowers

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