Pumpkin Plant Tips – How to Grow a Pumpkin

There is no fall without pumpkins — big kinds, mini kinds, orange kinds, white kinds, carved kinds, and most importantly pie kinds. Although you could load up a wagon at the local pumpkin patch, start a new autumn tradition by growing gourds in your own garden. These hardy crops will flourish just about anywhere with the right care.

Get the full step-by-step guide on growing pumpkins — and all of your most pressing questions answered — below, with insights from Rosie Lerner, Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist at Purdue University.

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1. Pick your pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkins come in hundreds of varieties differing in size, color, taste, and texture, so no singular type can claim the title of “best.” From ballooning giants to teeny-tiny gourds, there’s a variety out there for you. Check out some seeds available for online ordering below:

2. Plant the seeds in a full-sun spot.

Pick a day after the last frost to sow seeds directly in the ground. Each seed packet will list

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Design the Home Office of Your Dreams With Chatbooks

For our September 2020 issue, Good Housekeeping teamed up with Chatbooks, an app-based photo-book company, to scour the U.S. and Canada for the smartest and most beautiful home office setups. What we found, done by both apartment dwellers and homeowners, just may inspire you to take your own work-from-home space to the next level.

Add a Cozy Sofa

Kari Bancroft, a stay-at-home mom in South Jordan, UT, decided to think beyond hard, uncomfortable chairs in her home office. Instead, she outfitted the space with a plush emerald green sofa that pairs well with her beloved animal prints and global-inspired pottery. The sofa works for her lifestyle too: She is mom to eight kids, ages 4 to 20, and uses her office space to read and to organize her many family photos. “My overall home office decorating approach is to showcase an eclectic mix of the things I love and make sure it functions as a versatile space,” she says.


Courtesy of Chatbooks


Hang a Desk on the Wall

Rachel Mae Smith, whose blog is The Crafted Life, created her low-profile New York City office with a wall-mounted desk for two supported

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Oxblood lilies cavort with agaves in Tom Ellison’s garden

September 10, 2020

A couple days ago, between rainstorms, I returned to Tom Ellison’s garden to see his crop of oxblood lilies (Rhodophiala bifida). Austin’s gardens, especially in older neighborhoods like Tom’s own Tarrytown, blaze with diminutive red flags after the first good rain of late summer. Although the oxblood lily show lasts only a week, it’s a good one, especially since it heralds cooler weather and autumn’s reflowering of our gardens.

I last visited Tom’s garden in May 2014, when his beloved daylilies were flowering. But Tom has a lot more going on than just daylilies. As you approach his corner lot, you see a trio of ‘Green Goblet’ agaves among limestone boulders, with scarlet oxblood lilies fanning out on either side. Tom fills in with annuals when the lilies are out of season.

As the morning sun cleared the trees, the oxbloods began glowing like Chinese lanterns. Behind them diaphanous foxtail fern catches the light too, while the darker green agaves hulk alongside.

Oxblood lily’s green stems are naked when the flowers pop up seemingly overnight. As flowers fade, narrow green leaves appear at ground level. These remain through winter, soaking up sunlight so the

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How to Paint a Room

Does your space feel a little… drab? Switching up your wall color in a trendy shade is the one of the quickest ways to rehab a tired space. And since it’s a project most homeowners can tackle themselves, it’s one of the most affordable, too.

But as easy as painting sounds, there are some tricks to the trade. Take prep work, for example. If you skip this important step, you could end up with a real problem on your hands — an undercoat that shows through or peeling paint. If you’re painting latex over oil, for example, you’ll likely get cracking, says Rachel Rothman, chief technologist and director of engineering at the Good Housekeeping Institute. These types of mistakes not only take time to remedy, but can also cost a significant amount of money if you have to hire a professional to fix your errors.

Don’t fret, though: As long as you’re using the right supplies and have a handle on the basics, you’ll be painting like a pro in no time at all. Here, we’ll break it all down for you, covering everything from supplies, to necessary prep, to rolling evenly, and even cleaning your brushes so you

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