Deer noshing on my dianella

June 26, 2020

Getting into my car last week, I was surprised to see a doe walking steadily toward me, ambling down the driveway like she owned the place. Did she have a fawn stashed nearby, I wondered? (I saw twin fawns in the garden soon after, so maybe.)

I gave her space and watched quietly, and she moseyed onto the path toward the back gate.

She checked to make sure I was watching…

…and then started munching my variegated flax lily (Dianella tasmanica ‘Variegata’). The nerve! I’d noticed that my dianella were getting browsed over the past months, but seeing it happen was a bridge too far. So I stepped out from the car and clapped my hands at her. “Hey,” I yelled.

She just gave me a look that plainly said, “This is my garden. What’s your deal, lady?”

So I left her to it. I guess there’s plenty of dianella to go around. For now. She or her buddies already polished off the native river fern that used to grow over here.

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