Reopening at San Antonio Botanical Garden, part 2

May 21, 2020

A wildflower meadow studded with Yucca rostrata in bloom — yes, please! Let’s continue with last week’s visit to San Antonio Botanic Garden and this path into the cactus and succulent garden.

More flowering yuccas!

And more, with shiny-leaved palm trees and a blue, blue sky.

And a space-age-looking glasshouse and columnar cacti.

Check out this inclined ramp of prickly pear, beringed with orange flower buds — love!

I don’t know what kind of cactus this is, but I like its shadowy, segmented form against the bright background of glasshouse, palms, and yuccas.

Even cacti appreciate filtered shade in a Texas summer.

Agave in a fading verge of wildflowers

Yucca rostrata in bloom with prickly pear and giant hesperaloe

Bees were thrumming in this violet salvia border.

An arbor-shaded path

Overlooking a grassy amphitheater, we discovered gigantic, cherry-red Adirondacks. Naturally we had to try them out.

Along the Texas Native Trail at the rear of the garden, we took the middle path around a large pond ringed by bald cypresses and sycamores.

A spraying fountain disturbed the illusion of naturalness.

Heading back to the main gardens, we stopped to enjoy the dappled shade of a willow overhanging

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