Mexico City: Frida Kahlo’s Blue House and garden

March 23, 2020

Bird of paradise flower at Frida Kahlo’s Blue House

Before the scope of the coronavirus crisis had crystallized, my husband, daughter, foreign exchange-student daughter, and I made an early spring-break trip to Mexico City. Had we known how fast the situation would escalate at home, I don’t think we’d have dared to go. But in early March — which now seems a lifetime ago — with virtually no news of the virus in Mexico and no U.S. warnings against traveling there, we decided to carry on with the trip we’d been planning for more than a year.

Angel’s trumpets glowing against cobalt walls

And it was wonderful. Mexico City is only two hours by air from San Antonio but a world away in terms of scenery, history, and climate. Now that we’ve been home for a week and are self-isolating for the indefinite future, I plan to share the trip via a series of blog posts.

La Casa Azul

Frida portrait by Roberto Montenegro

On Day 1 we visited the Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as the Blue House — La Casa Azul — on the corner of a residential street in the Coyoacán neighborhood. A

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